PlantSight Gain Digital Line of Sight

Work in an immersive visual environment where you can trust your data to make fast and accurate decisions.

Digital Twins For The Process Industry

Open Connected Data Environment – the Way it Should Be


Build your digital twin from existing sources of data

Visualize and Connect Data

Access and edit a single view of truth – aggregate and visualize data from multiple sources using open formats.

Go from Zero to Twin in a day

Turn simple P&ID documents into intelligent data sources. Create intelligent 3D models of brownfield plants with photography.

Manage an Evergreen Digital Twin

Manage changes across the project and asset lifecycle and maintain a timeline of what, when, and by whom changes were made.


Validate and Contextualize Design Changes

No matter what sources of design tools you use, no matter how many changes, see it and believe it.

Detect Clashes and Resolve Issues

Spot potential problems, consider solutions with peace of mind you are working with quality data.

Digitally Hand Over for Operational Readiness

Ramp up production 80% faster with digital handover of project information.

Turn Data into Actionable Information

Connect the physical asset to the virtual one to gain visibility to situational intelligence supporting decisions at every level.

Open Your Eyes with Insights

Advanced analytics and machine learning, simulation, and modeling help you gain operational and maintenance intelligence and resilience.

Collaborate Remotely – Your Future Depends on It.

Troubleshoot operational problems at a distance and plan modifications based on actual performance.


Risk-based Strategy Development

Reduce risk and ensure predictable production with risk-based reliability and integrity management. Living programs, continuous improvement.

Complete Picture of Asset Health

IoT without situational intelligence is worthless. The digital twin gives you context and insights you need to make timely and accurate decisions.

Mobile and Mixed Reality Context

Know that your field technicians have the information they need at their fingertips. Connect with remote engineers to collaborate and perform complex inspections and maintenance.

Safety and Sustainability at the Lowest Total Cost

Whole Life Value

At every stage of the lifecycle, access up-to-date data in a visual context. From design to digital handover and into operations, the digital twin will increase your decision power.

Break Down Silos

Enable collaboration between engineering, maintenance, and operations – anywhere, anytime.

Your Future, Today.

Ensure your assets are deployed, optimized, and continuously improved to deliver safe, predictable, and sustainable performance over the long term.

Optimize Digital Twin Workflows
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Collaborate on Reviews and Maximize Productivity

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Digital twins

Virtually Plan, Manage, and Control On-site Construction

Simulate logistics and project schedules, track progress, complete status reviews, and view an up-to-date 4D model.
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Optimize Rail MaintenanceDigital Twins

Deploy analytical and decision support tools on data you have now to reduce costs, get intelligent insights and report, and maintain compliance.
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