Paperless Manufacturing: Make Your Production Data Fast, Accurate and Traceable

Many Food & Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Pharmaceutical manufacturers are still operating in a paper-based environment for information collection and reporting. Compared to digital data collection and reporting, the biggest sacrifices are speed, accuracy, and traceability. 


The crucial step is to digitally transform your manufacturing operations to create a paperless environment, and IIoT solutions can help.

Digitization Works for our Customers


At GE, we’ve experienced first-hand the complexities of paper. At one of our factories in Germany, moving from a paper-based process to digitized reduced an operator task from 25 minutes to 6 minutes. There were no errors, and the data could be shared and analyzed to find further productivity and quality gains for the future.




One of our customers, a consumer goods manufacturer, experienced slow resolution of quality issues due to a lack of efficiency with manual/paper processes. Operators were doing quality checks manually with a paper grid. The team implemented our Proficy software to improve efficiency by automating the quality checks and initiating corrective action— as an addition to the company’s existing GE Digital HMI/SCADA systems.


Regulated companies often manufacture more documentation than product, which was the case for this pharmaceutical manufacturer. This North American-based company used GE Digital’s Proficy Workflow to reduce paper consumption and operator errors by digitizing their standard operating procedures and creating an electronic master batch record. Data is automatically populated into the forms from the plant SCADA system. Operators use E-Signature to sign off on every step, but the real value is a replicable solution that can be reused across the site with minimal retest.HMI/SCADA software from GE Digital | Screenshot for alarm managementHMI/SCADA software from GE Digital | Screenshot for alarm management