The Digital Twin Solution For Industry Process

Collaborate. Accelerate. Sustain.

Do you know for certain your plant is safe, reliable, compliant, and risk-free?

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  • Can I see all the plant data I need across engineering, operations,
    and maintenance?
  • With all the changes, can I trust my asset information and ensure
    it is always accurate?
  • Are we prepared for Industry 4.0? I have so much IIoT data, so why do I lack actionable insights?
  • How can I quickly gather all information needed to safely plan and
    execute shutdown and turnaround projects?
  • Will we be fined in the next regulatory compliance audit?
  • How can digital twins contribute to meeting carbon neutrality goals?
  • How do I calculate risk and minimize its impact?

Now is the time for Digital Twins.

Gain Digital Line of Sight

See the source imageYour organization relies on trusted data to make decisions and meet business goals. Yet over the lifecycle of complex production assets, data (and documents and models) can lose integrity if not managed, controlled, and integrated. Assets and people change, but asset information needs to live on. Trusted data helps you make the right decisions at the right time to ensure assets are safe, reliable, and performing optimally.PlantSight brings all your plant data and information together, contextualizes it, validates it, and visualizes it across the lifecycle, from design review and approval to handover and into operations and maintenance. PlantSight transforms raw data into one complete and evergreen digital twin, available anywhere, anytime. With PlantSight, you gain a digital line of sight enabling immersive collaboration, in the plant and working remotely, to reduce risk and eliminate data and
organizational silos between engineering, operations, and maintenance. You can control and manage changes so you always know for certain the data you are working with is accurate.

Bentley and Siemens:
Stronger Together

PlantSight was jointly developed for the process industries by Bentley System and Siemens. Bentley and Siemens have combined their technology and expertise to accelerate the digitalization of plants and infrastructure across the globe, assuring shareholders that their investments are secure and generating positive returns. Organizations that move with urgency to drive a digital strategy throughout their businesses will define the industry’s future. Open and connected digital twin solutions will be key to future competitive advantages that fuel growth and profitability.

              • Digital Enablement
              • Operational Intelligence
              • Visual Asset Performance Management
              • Collaborative Engineering
              • Working in a Standardized Connected Digital Twin Environment
              • Powered by the Bentley iTwin® Platform

Digital Enablement

See the source imageWhether you’re working behind the scenes as an engineer in plant design, chemical, process improvement, reliability, or asset integrity, or working directly on the frontline in operations or maintenance, you should have access to up-to-date asset and engineering information in a visual environment. Digital twins start with good engineering data, but that data must be managed and kept up to date through a collaborative ecosystem. Your plant is safe, compliant, and more efficient than ever with PlantSight.

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