Manufacturing and Digital Plant

Achieve operational agility with a modern, digital plant

Accelerate digital transformation

Today’s digital plant and its mobile, connected workforce accelerate and sustain continuous improvement to drive greater productivity and efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, and increase profitability.

Our mission-critical software accelerates digitization by supporting:

  • Digital worker – a critical part of your infrastructure modernization
  • Enterprise visibility and scalability
  • Continuous improvement programs such as Lean

Proficy Unified Product Launch Webinar Series

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Proficy Portfolio Technology Roadmap

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Learn what’s new and coming from GE Digital’s Proficy portfolio team, including MES, HMI/SCADA, industrial data management, analytics, and more. Discover how we are enabling Industrial Superheroes with the superpowers of:

  • Enterprise visibility & scalability
  • Digital worker for operational agility
  • Continuous improvement

With GE Digital and the Proficy portfolio, you can accelerate your digital plant with our innovation: mobility and remote management, Rapid Application Development, analytics, hybrid cloud, and modern visualization for a better UX!

Digital Plant: Digitizing processes and democratizing digital tools to enable collaboration & continuous improvements

Leverage real-time operations data to optimize outcomes

Reduce costs

By aligning resources, energy, and efficiency management your operations can reduce inventory, identify costly production gaps, lower energy and utility waste, and gain insight into throughput and critical processes.

Improve quality

Capture robust quality data and related traceability information, while at the same time performing analysis on process-oriented data and product-oriented data, and classifying materials as non-conforming, out-of-spec, or related to recalls.

Speed production

Improve on-time delivery performance and respond optimally and with agility to late stage changes, gain up-to-date visibility of all work-in-progress orders, get more successful new product introductions (NPIs), and shorten design-to-delivery cycles.

Accelerate time-to-value

Achieve fast time-to-value with simple installation and easy-to-use web clients as well as nearly instant upgrades.

Decrease operator response time

Speed problem detection and response with ISA and GE research-based design concepts, so operators know the right action with a glance.

Achieve secure-by-design visualization anytime, anywhere

Enable action with visualization where you need it with native responsive web design. Reduce the threat of cyber attacks with overall certificate-based communications.

Software applications for your digital plant


Drive smarter operator decisions with model-based High Performance HMI for faster response and development. With our industry-leading iFIX and CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA, you can precisely monitor, control, and visualize every aspect of your operations for intelligent control. With a quick glance, operators know what’s important and the right actions to drive increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Proficy MES

Enable lean manufacturing through IoT insights and intelligence. Proficy Manufacturing Execution Systems (Proficy MES) is a suite of solutions that can transform your manufacturing business through insights and intelligence powered by data integration, IoT, machine learning, and predictive analytics. By bringing together the digital world with the physical world of manufacturing, Proficy MES can deliver holistic performance management for today’s connected enterprise.

Proficy Historian

Proficy Historian is a best-in-class data management solution that collects industrial time-series and A&E data at very high speed, stores it efficiently and securely, distributes it, and allows for fast retrieval and analysis —driving greater business value. With decades of experience and thousands of successful customer installations around the world, Proficy Historian changes the way organizations perform and compete by making data available for asset and process performance analysis.

Proficy Operations Hub

Enable collaboration and continuous improvement with centralized visualization/configuration, digitized processes, and business intelligence. With Proficy Operations Hub, teams across all levels in an organization can increase operational efficiency and make better decisions based on real-time and historical plant-wide application data, including historian, MES and third party. Users can monitor, control, provide data entry, and perform analysis all through Proficy Operations Hub.

Proficy CSense

Optimize with 5-in-1 analytics capabilities in a closed-loop solution. Proficy CSense uses AI and machine learning to enable process engineers to combine data across industrial data sources and rapidly identify problems, discover root causes, predict future performance, and automate actions to continuously improve quality, utilization, productivity, and delivery of operations.

Additionally, Proficy CSense provides the capabilities to mine insight from historical data and rapidly develop, test, and deploy simple calculations, predictive analytics, and optimization and control solutions to reduce variability and improve operations.